Who we are

Inlingo Solutions is a boutique translation agency headquartered in the New York metro area.
We are dedicated to helping our clients communicate effectively in the global marketplace by overcoming language barriers
and navigating cross-cultural differences.

Our network associates are seasoned professional translators with extensive experience their respective fields of expertise.
We provide high-quality language services including translation, editing, copywriting and transcreation (cultural adaptation of content).

Further services include intercultural training and consulting catering to expatriates and businesses relocating to and from the United States.

What you can expect from us


I have very simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the very best.”  Oscar Wilde

It takes more than being bilingual to become a competent translator. Many years of post-secondary education, further training and relevant industry experience are required to obtain true linguistic competence – in just one language pair. We exclusively offer language combinations that are supported by our collaborative network. All translations are handled by native speakers only and proofread by an equally skilled network partner – because four eyes see more than two. All network partners working on your translations are specialists in the subject matter. We take data protection and confidentiality very seriously and will never outsource work to any third party vendors. Our internal quality control process ensures compliance with international quality standards.


Language is the dress of thought.”  Samuel Johnson

We know that you only get one chance to make a good impression. Making our clients look good with the work we produce is our first and foremost objective. We thoroughly research the subject matter and use consistent and appropriate terminology to strike the right note.

Intercultural Awareness

A different language is a different vision of life.”  Federico Fellini

When it comes to reaching a global audience, awareness of linguistic nuance and intercultural sensitivity are key. Working with dedicated language professionals who read between the lines and have in-depth knowledge of the cultural background and preferences of the target audience ensures that your message will resonate with the target audience.

Thinking outside the Box

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.  Ludwig Wittgenstein

We understand that choosing the right words matters – especially in the world of communication. Our job is done when the target text successfully conveys your message, but does not read like a translation.

Language – a key success factor

Language is a key factor to your success. A top-notch translation can add value to your business, boost confidence in your
products and give you an edge in the international marketplace. Expertise matters: Choose a professional language service
provider to achieve best results. Read more about buying translation services: Translation: Getting it right